Get Organized in 2013 : The Resolution Pack

First off I want to say sorry. I really wanted to have this post up two weeks ago, but the Holidays got to me. But just because it’s six days after news year the big fancy day to make new year resolutions doesn’t mean you can’t make one now. You can make a goal to change or to improve something any of the day of the year. In fact, I would say if you don’t wait to do until January 1st you are more likely to stick to it because you are ready to make a change.  I have made to be goals in my life this year. One to be healthier and two to be more organized. I am BIG on having to have things written down in front of me. I LOVE charts. I am HUGE on making lists, again that goes to having things written down. That’s why I feel in LOVE with the Get Organized in 2013: The Resolution Pack by Happy Organized Life.
I will try to keep this review short, but it will be hard because I love everything about this! I love the bright colorful pages. She breaks everything down into four categories: Home & Family Set, Finance Set, Cleaning Set, and Healthy Living Set. Which one is my favorite…umm all!  The home and family set includes everything you need to keep your house organized. It has sheets where you can document your property so you can keep track of what all you have.  My two favorite things out of that set is the Daily Planner sheets (keep track of your to do’s) and children’s chore chart. Next up is the Finance Set. My favorite sheet out of that set is the Bill Payment Tracker. I use it to help me make a budget. I can keep track of what bills we pay each month and how much.  Next up is the Cleaning set. This is actually how I found out about Happy Organized Life. One of my friends was talking about having her husband do the 30 minute cleaning list. Of course I had to ask her what that was all about. Happy Organized Life broke up the basic chores that you need to do to keep on top of your house work in a 30 minute daily chore list. If you just spend that 30 minutes do your list daily your house work will be a whole lot easier!  Lastly but defiantly not the least is the Healthy living set. This one is VERY important to me because I had decided to make some Me Time and work on my health. I love everything about it. There is just something about writing down, marking my achievements  that make me feel good. It makes it real. She provided a fitness log, calories burned/consumed sheet, and most importantly a menu planner. There are different menu planners in this kit so you can find one that fits what you want. My favorite one though is where you can plan your menu and your grocery list all one sheet. In the past I just cooked whatever we had. I didn’t put much thought in it, so then it wouldn’t really be healthy. With this I can plan each meal and make sure I had what I need, so hopefully we will eat healthier foods!
What was your new year resolution? No matter what it was I am sure you can benefit from this Resolution Pack. Especially  if you are like me and like to be organized and love having things written down. The Get Organized in 2013: The Resolution pack is perfect for every home. It breaks everything down so it’s simple to get organized and not be so overwhelming for you. The pages are very bright and colorful so it’s more appealing to do it as well.
Do you wish you had a set for yourself? If so this is your lucky day because you have a chance to win one yourself! Just enter bellow!
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  2. To keep on watching my diet, going to school, studying, doing assignments and laundry. To keep clearing out old stuff, reading my books, cooking, baking, doing dishes, going to events and shows and getting totally organized this year and performing whenever possible.

  3. My resolution was to make healthier choices ; I definitely think this will help me! Being organized leads to more self-confidence for me which leads me straight to making better decisions for myself!

  4. This Resolution Pack is awesome! I love the colors and detailing on the pages – having these would really help anyone keep up with their personal goals 😉 Great review!

  5. to be a better happier mom and yes this would help me because being organized would make a better mom by having more time for my baby and it’d make me happier 🙂

  6. I want to get my own place again, and of course stay organized… this would be great to have

  7. My biggest resolution is to lose 50 pounds. I know I can do it, and this would help me to keep my schedule on track. One of the hardest things about changing my lifestyle to meet my goal is making all the puzzle pieces fit together so I can balance my family, home, work and self-care.

  8. I will help-i set goals to get a different job, be more organized and to do everything i can to save money this year.

  9. Pay off credit cards, get the house more organized, and cook a fancy dish from Pinterest every week (just added that one today!)

  10. to loose about 30lbs so far i have lost 1lb and the keep up my exercises it will help me so i can write it all do=wn and oin it on the wall in front of my desk and then i will feel obliged to get on and do it

  11. Yes it will. I resolved to get organized, get healthy and get my life on track and be nicer and kinder and more thoughtful to others. Its a huge amount of resolutions this year and so far so good!!

  12. Like many of the others, I am trying to be more organized. This will help me finish nursing school in June 2013 🙂 This prize of organization tools would definitely help me toward those goals. Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  13. I have two major ones, to get healthy and to get our finances in order. So this would help me so much!

  14. My resolutions were to be better organized as we will be moving and starting over,to be better to myself,and to get back to exercising again. So yes these would help alot in getting me organized and starting anew.

  15. My resolution is to get my home and business organized! This would definitely help me in the process! Thanks!

  16. I didn’t make one this year but if I had, it would be to lose 10lbs. and yes it would help me. Thank you! 🙂

  17. I really never make Resolutions, but I have this year, to get more organized. In my life, at home and work. And to think more positive….I do believe this would help get me on the track of organization. And if I don’t win, 🙁 , well this has given me an idea of trying to come up with something like this on my own. Thank you for this opportunity!

  18. Whoops! Yes this will help me – setting and achieve goals and better stewardship require planning!

  19. To have better stewardship, to love myself harder, and to set and achieve realistic goals.

  20. To be more active and spend more time with the kids. Being organized will help me achieve my resolutions by giving me more time!

  21. I don’t make my resolutions until my birthday on the 11th. That way its more about me and less about the fad. Now that I have a family most of my resolutions are about being the best mom I can be and how we can be a healthier, happier family all around. The or many kids get being organized is such a big party of that, and these sheets look amazing! 8

  22. I love the bright colors, but have a feeling they’d be something else I couldn’t keep up with, hahah! What a great idea though, and a great set.

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