Geeh The Band Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. 

Geeh The Band Review

Never under-estimate the power of music!! Music can influence people for the good or for the bad. Geeh The Band has realized that and want to encourage their listeners for the good versus the bad.

About Geeh The Band:

Geeh, The Band is a group of virtual rockstars who perform music geared towards tweens and teens. The band consists of Up, Cue, Mid, Groove, Loop, Melody, and Tune. They come from a world far away called Premmuy and live in Garlywood.

My Thoughts:

I had to listen to the CD a couple of times to fully catch what the lyrics are saying. This is only because I had three little ones running around that made it hard for me to concentrate. However these lyrics are more age appropriate for the teens than the other music that is out there which is what I liked best. There isn’t any bad language but yet the tune is still catchy! Geeh the Band  are about to make their mark on Earth. Each song sends a positive message, has appropriate lyrics, is original and has a great beat. Geeh strives to be role models for their listeners. 

About the Contest:

Entry to the contest is easy. Just record and upload a 60-second clip of your star singing Geeh’s single, “We’ll Make the World Shine,” to Vimeo or YouTube, then submit the entry form on the band’s website. 7 lucky winners will be the new voices for Geeh The Band’s 2015 studio album and receive a one-time prize of $500.

Get Connected:

What to learn more? Visit their site and Facebook!!


  1. geeh the band contest??? My daughter auditioned for that and we are unable to find anything on it. It says finalists will be announce July 11 but we cant find them anywhere. It also says voting will take place July 14 and we cannot find that either. Do you have any info?

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