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When you shop for clothes for yourself you take in consideration on how it feels and how it looks. Do you do the same for your little one? I recently had a chance to try a onesie from Funkoos. 
Funkoos clothes are made from 100% certified organic cotton. Does that make a difference? Oh yes it does. I was very shocked when I opened my onesie. The material was very comfortable and looked good. It feels a little thicker so less likely to rip. Outside of the feel the design of the onesie was very cute. The picture on is and embroidered stack of farm animals: cow, pig, and rooster. 
Believe me this is one piece of clothing you would want for you little one. It looks great, feels comfortable, and will last awhile. 

To find more information about Funkoos and their products you can check out their site, facebook, twitter, and google+. 
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