Frostguard Signature + Mirror Cover Bundle

The Frostguard signature + mirror cover bundle is one of my favorite things I got for Christmas this year. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!


After spending 4 years in Florida I had forgotten how much of a pain it was to wake up to frosted windows and having to clean them off before leaving to go anywhere. Then we moved to Virginia and were given this set as an early Christmas present and used it the first night we heard it was going to snow. This made cleaning our windshield off the next morning a breeze. You just put this on at night when you are done running around. The big piece covers the windshield, and has pieces that latch around the mirrors and a piece that shuts in the driver’s side door to hold it in place overnight. Then in the morning you just go out and take the big part off the windshield and there you go nothing to clean off.

Then you have the pieces for the mirrors which are fantastic because cleaning off the mirrors takes forever and is hard to do. With these again you just slip them over your mirrors and then tighten them up, then in the morning you just remove them and your mirrors are clean. This product is fantastic for anyone living where it gets cold enough to frost your windshields and mirrors or snows. This really does make cleaning off your windows in the morning faster and saves some time. These make great gifts for friends and family, everyone in my family owns one of these for their cars and loves them.

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