Free Play Magnatab and the Jumbo Glow in the Dark Magnatab

If you are on the hunt for a really cool toy for your child then you have to check out the Free Play Magnatab and the Jumbo Glow in the Dark Magnatab.The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

These are both super fun and super awesome. I’m not a kid and even I find myself playing with these, they are just so fun and so easy to use that anyone could do it. The Free Play Magnatab is easy to carry with you so your child could use it in the car or while at a restaurant to keep them entertained while you are waiting on your food to arrive.

This comes with a magnetic stylus and you can use it with the board to create pictures, draw shapes or even work on letters. There are a bunch of tiny individual beads inside the board that are attracted to the stylus and get stuck in the hole of the board when you put your stylus there. When you are ready to erase it then you just simply take your finger and run the tip of it across the beads and they fall back down.

My daughter loves playing with this and creating pictures with it that she can just simply erase and redo when she is ready. At night she loves getting out the Jumbo Glow in the Dark Magnatab and playing with it in the dark. This tab and styles are just a little bit bigger and both the board and the stylus are glow in the dark which makes it super fun to play with in the dark.

These are recommended for children 3 and older and the youngsters that usually come over to our house love playing with these. My Daughter will often bring her tab in the car with her when we run errands, to the restaurant when we go out and even to church to keep her entertained when she needs to be quiet. These Magnatabs would make great gifts for any child this holiday season, so if you are looking for something else I would suggest giving these things a try.

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