Between These Four Walls: How Best to Clean the House

clean house

No matter the size of your family, keeping the house neat and tidy is nearly impossible when you have kids (or even just one!). Each room is barraged with toys and laundry and you never seem to have time to clean anything. With a few tricks and tips, however, you can get each room of your house looking its very best. Taking it room by room, here’s how:


Like many parents, you probably spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. Three meals a day plus snacks, dishes and an after-the-kids-go-to-bed cup of tea means you can literally spend hours each day in there. It’s one thing to wipe down the counters and put away the clean dishes but when you want to deep clean, there are certain areas you really need to attack.

First on this agenda are the oven and stove. It’s easy to shut the oven door and pretend you didn’t see the charred remains of last night’s casserole but, instead, tackle that area head on. Steam cleaners are actually great for cleaning greasy glass oven doors and are more eco-friendly than using chemical cleaners. Wipe beneath each of the stove’s burners daily to stop meal remains building up.

Another area that gets regularly overlooked is the microwave. You’re not fooling anyone by quickly grabbing your food and slamming the door shut. Instead, take the time to check for splatterings after every reheating. It’s much easier (and less disgusting!) to wipe up something fresh than a mess that’s been there for weeks.

Living Room

Dust is the name of the game in the living room. The TV stand, bookcases, and skirting boards are dust magnets; it can’t wait to settle on them. Daily, or bi-weekly if we’re being more realistic, maintenance is key here. Use antibacterial wipes or just a simple damp cloth to wipe these areas.


When the kids wake you up at 6am, the last thing on your mind is cleaning your own room. However, take just one minute to at least make the bed. If you don’t do it first thing, it’s unlikely you’ll do it all, and you’ll feel better seeing a tidy bed when you’re in and out of there throughout the day.

For the kids’ rooms, it’s all about the containment of toys. Buy some cheap but cheerful colored bins or soft boxes to keep everything in and make an effort to put things away before every nap and at bedtime. You’ll feel better just seeing more of the floor (yes, it does exist!)!


Finally, try to do a wipe-down of the bathroom each day. This will save you from the dreaded weekend mass cleaning! Using just a damp cloth or even a baby wipe or two will perk things up.

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