Five Small Pets For Young Children

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Pets are possibly top of the list of things kids ask for. They usually start asking for a fluffy friend as soon as they can speak! Horses maybe the most requested pet, but they aren’t feasible for young children. However, why not think about treating your little ones to a small pet? Small animals can be easy to care for and don’t require much attention, meaning they are perfect if you are out all day at work.


Want to know which pets are best for young children? Here are the best five.

Five Small Pets For Young Children

Photo from Pexels




Rabbits are popular with both children and parents. They are especially good for very young kids as they have a gentle and sociable nature. To make sure there is no chance of them showing signs of aggression, it is always important to neuter them. They are very affordable to keep, and can eat many household leftovers. As well as kibble, foods rabbits typically eat carrots, cabbage leaves and spring greens.




One of the most popular childhood pets, hamsters look super cute and cuddly. But you should let your son or daughter know that they are prone to nipping. Females can be more aggressive than the males. Buy your hamster a large cage and fill it with tunnels and wheels so they have plenty to keep them occupied. As hamsters only have a lifespan of three years, some parents choose to buy their child one to give them an important life lesson about death.




These exotic pets are better for children who would rather watch an animal than interact with it. Chinchillas are generally very gentle creatures but are also agile and fast. This can make them very difficult for young children to hold. Buy special chinchilla dust and let your pet have a “bath” in a bowl of the dust at least twice a week. You can then watch them mimic the behaviour they would exhibit in their natural habitat.


Small Dogs


Obviously, not every breed of dog is a good suit for young children. However, there are certain breeds that will enjoy the company of children. Old English Sheep Dogs are gentle and loving, and their instinct to herd can be useful when the kids are running wild! Dalmatians are full of energy and will be useful when you need to tire the kids out.

Five Small Pets For Young Children

Photo from Pexels




Not the most cuddly of pet, you could be surprised at how great hedgehogs are as pets! The younger they are when they are first handled, the more chance they have of growing into a sociable animal. They are cheap to care for too, and eat cat food and certain vegetable leftovers. One thing to be aware of is that they are prone to illnesses more so than other small pets. Check with your local authority if you are allowed to keep a hedgehog as a pet; it is illegal in certain states.


As long as you choose a child-friendly pet, you can guarantee you’ll be welcoming a fabulous new addition to your family!


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