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Have you ever asked yourself how you can have endless energy to outplay your kids? I know I have. I have three kids one of them is a 5-year-old boy who is all boy and is constantly on the go. I need every little ounce of energy I can have. Fit Moms for Life by Dustin Maher is a great book for you. 
Dustin Maher tackles weight-loss in a different way.  In his book he goes over the five pillars of health. 

First being mindset. He talks about the importance how you truly have to be ready for the weight-loss. You have to have the right mindset. He says that you got to believe that you can make a change and that you’re worth it. 

The second pillar of health is nutrition. We all know in order to lose the weight you need to eat healthy. You can’t just work out and eat bad. You got to also eat healthy!

The third pillar of health is strength training. During this part you are shown how it’s important to lift weights and not just do the traditional cardio work outs. 

The fourth pillar of health is burst training. Burst training is more intense and more effective than the traditional cardio workouts. 

The fifth and last pillar of health is environment. This is an very important stage. You got to watch where you are at and who you are around. The best example for this idea is you wouldn’t want to put an alcoholic in a bar would you?  So another words watch what foods you have around you and watch what kind of people you have. Are the encouraging you to eat the extra snack foods you don’t need? 

In the book you will learn: 

  • 31 transformation stories from women like you 
  • how to burn 5-9 times more fat without cardio
  • an eating plan and recipes for balanced meals
  • one exercise that can shrink your waistline with out diet changes
  • a training program that burns fat while you sleep
  • how to get your kids to eat healthy and move more 
  • the ultimate form of accountability
  • the five pillars necessary  for lasting success
Sounds great doesn’t it? Well it’s your lucky day. You have a chance to win one of his books plus four extra bonus. The four bonus are 108 ways to make this your fittest year ever, secret ab video, butt and leg toning video, and five part flat stomach audio coaching series. To win all these great things all you got to do is enter bellow! Good Luck!!!

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