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I am sure I am not the only mom who has to carry snacks in my diaper bag.  I always run into a problem when it comes to dividing the snacks up between three kids. I recently had to try Wexy Lunch & Munch Bags.


Before I even had a chance to open the box my son was just thrilled about them. Why? He loved the monsters on the box. He automatically assumed they were for him. They monsters are bright and colorful! There are four total: Sammy the Surfer, Scout the Soccer Player, Bailey the Bubble Maker, and lastly Dusty the Diver. My son’s favorite is Scout the Soccer Player. He says because it’s blue and he plays soccer two of his favorite things! Now my daughter’s favorite is Bailey the Bubble Maker for the very same reason. She is pink and blows bubbles! That being said brings me to one of the reason I love them! They make it where the kids can relate to it and enjoying using them. I also love them because they are perfect for storing snacks in the diaper bag. I fill three of them with some sort of snacks and pack them in the diaper bag. They don’t take up much room when they are full. When I am done they just fold up! On top of being fun and useful they are safe for the environment. These bags are BPA free and biodegradable!


Overall, I am in love with Wexy. They are bright, colorful, useful, and environmental safe. My kids enjoy them. In fact my son got onto me when I was eating out of one. He told me “They aren’t for adults!! They are for kids like me!!”

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