Fantastic Gifts For Music Lovers

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Need to buy a gift for a real music lover? Whether it’s their birthday, Christmas or another big celebration, what you can you get them that they’ll truly love? Here are a few ideas!


Music streaming subscription

There are a handful of music subscriptions out there these days. Two of the biggest contenders are Spotify and Tidal. Spotify tends to publish more new music and work by as-yet unknown acts. It has become a firm favorite in many households. You can access it for free. However, how about giving the gift of a Premium subscription? This means your gift receiver can listen to their music without being interrupted by ads. They can also download their music and listen to it on the go, on the phones or tablets, even without internet access.

Tidal is a much newer venture. There is a no free version, only a subscription one. Unlike Spotify, however, it allows you to watch videos on here. It has been talked about lots recently as it was the first place Beyonce released her new visual album.

Just be sure to check that they aren’t already signed up first!

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Instrument Lessons

This is a fantastic gift, no matter the recipient’s age. You might be trying to introduce a child to music, or treating your Grandad! You are never too old to learn a musical instrument, no matter what anyone says. You could band together with a few other people to buy them both the instrument and there first eight or 10 weeks of tuition.
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If you want to buy a gift for someone who can already play a musical instrument, how about a new songbook? There are ones out there from amateurs right through to professionals. Even if they are already a prodigy, there will always be songs that they don’t know how to play. You could buy the songbook or sheet music in hardcopy or alternatively download it. Sites like Tradebit can provide exactly this.

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Gig Tickets

Some music lovers will think the music they create themselves is the best in the world. Others will think it is music they listen to when they’re at home and in peace. However, many music lovers will class live music as the best! If this is the case for the person you’re buying a gift for, how about giving them gig tickets? On a lower budget, find tickets for a venue in their local area. This means that they don’t have to travel far to get there. On a bigger budget, can you buy them tickets somewhere a little further away along with a nights stay in a hotel?
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All music lovers will hold great quality headphones in very high esteem. However, due to how delicate the wires are, they can get broken easily. Also, due to how often they get used, they’ll get worn down pretty quickly. Buy your friend or family member a great set of headphones. This article tells you what to be on the lookout for, feature-wise.


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  1. These are great things that I think musicians and music lovers alike would really enjoy .. Though we all have different tastes and musical preferences, would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a favorite musical genre or artist.thanks for this great list.

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