Family Health and Fitness: Staying Well Together

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Becoming a parent means you no longer come first, everything you do and every decision you make is now about your child first. However, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on yourself, and actually when it comes to your health you have a duty to look after it. With little ones depending on you, you need to be fit, and well so you can be around for them. Here are some of the ways you can stay healthy as a family.


Cook Family Meals

Taking care of the whole family’s health starts with the foods you choose to make. Instead of doing separate mealtimes for kids and adults, all sit down together and prepare a delicious, healthy meal you can all enjoy. Research has shown that children who sit down to regular family meals are more likely to be the correct weight, have positive attitudes towards food and can even reduce the chances of them going on to have a teen pregnancy or take drugs later in life! There are tonnes of great benefits, so come up with a selection of family favorite meals and aim to cook for everyone as often as you can. Kids can be picky with food, there’s no doubt about that. But watching you fill up on and enjoy healthy salads, veggies, whole grains and lean protein will eventually rub off on them.


Take Your Supplements

Ideally, you will be getting your daily vitamin and mineral allowance from the foods in your diet. However, it’s not a perfect world, and so taking supplements can be kind of an insurance policy. Your body is always going to run best when it’s not lacking in anything and so this way you can be absolutely sure. Just about everyone will benefit from a daily vitamin tablet, but there are more specific supplements you can take too. If you’re vegan or don’t eat dairy regularly as part of your diet, for example, you could take a calcium supplement. If you research things like AlgaeCal side effects you can make a fully informed decision and work out what’s right for you, but your doctor will always be happy to advise you. Another thing you may need if you’re vegan is a vitamin b12 supplement. This is an important vitamin that most people get from eating animals and animal products. Lacking in this can cause serious health concerns, so this is something worth looking into if you follow a plant based diet. There are lots of vitamins specially formulated for kids too, often chewable, flavored and easy to consume so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting them to take them. You could create a daily routine, for example after breakfast, everyone in the family takes their vitamins,


Exercise Together

As a busy parent, making time to hit the gym or dedicated purely to exercise can be tricky. However, it’s easy to incorporate this in different ways into your routine. Instead of driving kids to school, leave a little earlier and walk instead. On the weekends, go on hikes and bike rides together or take them swimming. You could even take a ball or frisbee to the park and play some games. It will get everyone in the family up and running around and burning off calories. It’s recommended that children do sixty minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day. Keep up with them, and you will certainly stay in great shape yourself!


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