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With 2 little girls in the house, hair care is an important part of our daily lives. My girls both have fabulous hair and I like to encourage them to take care of it, and to keep it looking lovely and healthy.
But, they are little girls. I hesitate to offer them an arsenal of styling products. When I heard about Fairy Tales Hair Care, I knew this was a brand I wanted to learn more about.
We got to try the Rosemary Repel Lice Line and the Curly Q line. Both are great options for families with young children because they are natural ways to care for precious hair and keep it looking great and healthy!
Fairy Tails
The Rosemary Repel Collection is a powerful way to prevent lice. Like it or not, head lice is a part of school life these days. It is easily spread from child to child and it is a lot of work to get rid of! With this product, you can prevent head lice from coming home with your little ones and keep their hair smelling yummy!
The Curly Q collection is fantastic for curly girlies who want to detangle and have a healthy bounce to their sometimes wild hair!
If you are looking for safe and natural hair care options for your family, this is one brand I would highly recommend. We loved both collections we tried and hope to try a few others in the near future!

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