Essentials for Newborns

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Babies!  Babies!  Babies!  Who doesn’t love babies???  Being the mother of four beautiful children, I obviously do!  After all the experience of raising four children (actually still raising them–10, 8, 5, and 6 months) I have come to realize that I am no expert.  I have; however, picked up a few things along the way.  It is my goal to now pass some of this information along to you in hopes that it will help some young mothers out there.

  1.  Diapers!  Make sure you have plenty of them.  I didn’t appreciate this more than when my third child was born and my husband’s superintendent (he is a teacher) organized a diaper shower for him at school.  Each teacher and many other school employees bought a pack of diapers for us and in various sizes and presented them to him on the last day of school as our daughter was to be born in July.  It was such a blessing!  We took this as a learning experience and with the fourth child, we began to buy a pack of diapers with each paycheck long before he got here.  Building up this stockpile proved to be a HUGE help.  Believe me, they will go through more than you think!
  2. Diaper rash cream!  With dirty diapers come diaper rashes.  As hard as you try to avoid it, the fact they your little bundle of joy will get one is inevitable.  When this happens, be prepared!  Buy a good quality diaper rash cream.  This, combined with some baby powder should get your precious little angel feeling better in no time!
  3. Plenty of clothes!  Onesies, in particular.  It is hard to avoid accidents, and even with the best diapers, the day will come when your little one wets through his or her diaper onto their clothes.  Pack plenty of extras in the diaper bag and always have spares ready to go at home.  This will ensure your baby will always be dry and comfortable.

While there are many other things you can do and have to prepare for your baby, I tried to outline some simple yet very essential topics.  Thank you for reading and take care of those babies!


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