Edge of Yesterday by Robin Stevens Payes

My daughter loves to read so I am always on the lookout for good books for her. Recently I found Edge of Yesterday by Robin Stevens Payes and got it for her. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

She has been working on reading this book and she absolutely loves it. It’s about 13 year old Charley Morton a middle school girl who decides she is going to build a time machine that she believes is Leonardo da Vinci’s Design for her science fair project. She wants to win first prize with this machine, but she also wants to travel back in time just so that she meet Leonardo and figure out how he accomplished all the things that he did. On her journey to build this machine Charley learns a lot about what growing up and learning to love yourself and others is really all about. You will learn how Charley was able to travel into the past and meet the actual Leonardo Da Vinci and learn more about the struggles of growing up. This book is great for young readers, especially young pre-teens and teens. It really helps to help them understand more about life and love and hope. Plus it’s great for helping them learn history and science in a more interesting way. This book was great and I’m glad that we added it to our Library.

If you or your child reads Edge of Yesterday and loves it then you should get Da Vinci’s Way which is the second book in this amazing series by Robin Steven Payes. In the first book we learned that Charley builds a time machine that is successful and she actually travels back in time 500 years. While she is in the past she learns that her Mother is Gravely Ill and that she must figure out how to get home. In this book we will learn if Charley can successfully reverse-engineer time travel so that she can get back home. Also what future will she encounter if she succeeds at traveling back into the future, will things still be the same as they were or will things be different. This book is so interesting and fun, my daughter loves the first one so we got her this one to read when she is done with Edge of Yesterday. These books are great and fun to read and definitely worth adding to your library if you have young readers.

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