How to Download and Save Instagram Stories

The Instagram story is a pretty convenient way of sharing some interesting moments with the world. We all know how many people are on Instagram these days, therefore, there are a lot of Instagram stories. If you happen to like and want to download Instagram story, you came to the right place.

Namely, Instagram story download is a way to keep those funny Instagram story photos or videos. Now, we will explain widely how will you be able to do this.


  • Locate and Copy the Username of wanted Instagram account


Everyone who posts any Instagram story has a unique Username. You will need to find and copy that Username so you can save Instagram story videos or photos. Anyhow, the Username is usually located right on the top of the post. However, you can also click on the profile of the user and copy the Username from there. Note that you can only copy the PUBLIC profile Usernames in order to save Instagram stories.


  • Search for and visit it


After the first step, you need to search for the When you come to the website, you will be ready to advance to the next step. You can always use the search engine in your browser to find the website, or you can simply type in the name of the website in the address bar.


  • Paste URL of the copied Instagram account


Next step is all about the pasting of the Username in the correct place. Simply put, you will need to find the search box on the website and paste the Username there. There really is no complications here since the search box is the first thing you will notice when you go to the website.


  • Find and click on the ‘’Download Instagram Stories’’


Assuming that you already did all previous steps correctly, the next thing to do is to press the ‘’Download Instagram Stories’’ button. This button is placed closely to the search box and it is easily noticeable. Since that is the only place where you can paste something, you should really have no troubles in finding it.


  • Click on the download button under each image story or  click on the download button  on each video


This step is the last step in the process to save Instagram stories. Namely, the website prepared all the Instagram story photos and videos for you to download them. If you happen to want images, you should click on the ‘’download’’ button under each image. However, if you tend to download the Instagram story videos, you should hit the ‘’download’’ button that is placed in the bottom-right corner in the video. With all these steps done, you are now able to download Ig stories.


Instagram story videos and photos are really something worth keeping, therefore, with these few steps you will be able to achieve something like that for sure. Anyhow, this guide will definitely help you to download Instagram story videos and photos with ease.


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