Dog Dramas

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Owning a dog is great. They can be brilliant with children, give you a better lease of life and a source of joy and happiness for all. They can quite literally become part of the family. Yet things can go wrong sometimes, leaving you or the dog in varying amounts of trouble. There are ways you can counteract these, and ensure your dog stays safe and you stay happy. Issues are bound to emerge at times because they are animals and they react mainly by instinct. You may have thought about some of these, but if not give them a go and see if they make any kind of difference to your ease of life and indeed the dog’s life.


First you need to deal with some of the many medical issues that can arise in pets. The first are fleas. Ensure you have a good treatment ready to go if you notice them or see excess scratching, Advantix 2 being a good example. You should also they have the best jabs available. They may cost money now, but you can really save money by doing this. It is better to ensure your dog is immune than to fork out for expensive medication further down the road. Sometimes there will be none and your dog will be put down.
Dog Dramas



Road safety is another key issue with dogs. At first they will have no care and just run out onto it. This is why you need to train them, ensure they have an awareness for the road and act accordingly. The sooner you do this the better. Remember, the dog may not just injure itself, but the people on the road too and you will be held accountable. Keep the animal on a lead until you are sure it can handle itself around a road.


If your dog nips then buy a muzzle. It may not be nice, forcing one around your dog’s mouth, but it is better than the alternative. One wrong nip on the wrong person could see you in court against a campaign to destroy your dog. Remember, a child or someone small would feel it a lot more than someone else. You could consider getting your dog trained out of this trait, but in the meantime certainly use a muzzle to ensure you and the dog stay out of trouble.


You need to toilet train your dog too. After a while they will get into a routine where they go when you take them for walks. You must not allow them to do their business in your home or they will become accustomed to it. As a puppy this can be forgiven, but later on you need to ensure it does not happen.


These can all sound like a lot, but they aren’t. They are fairly easy to do especially if you get yourself a fairly smart dog. Perseverance is the key, there will be some setbacks but there are loads of sources of knowledge out there that can help you.

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