Do You Burn Calories At The Grocery?

I am the one that usually does the bulk of the grocery shopping for the house.  I have often wondered what type of exercise I was getting and the calories I burn during a shopping trip.   Last nights grocery trip was no exception.

We have several super grocery stores in my area and depending on who has the better sales that week is where I shop.  In the newest local Kroger my mom and I spent several hours and that was mostly just looking at what they had!

These are the times that I wish I had a pedometer to track exactly how many steps I take on a grocery trip.  I know I am squatting, bending, stretching and so much more.  Then once the cart is full of food and other items how much weight am I pushing/pulling around?

This month we preplanned meals for 2 weeks and shopped accordingly.  We are avid couponers (no we are not extreme ones and yes we leave stock on the shelves!)  Last nights trip only saved us 25% but we got a lot of fresh produce that seems to never have coupons.

I am still working out Monday through Friday while I am waiting for my son to get on the van (about 30 minutes worth) and I am seeing results slowly.  I have incorporated  fiber pills and a diet pill as well.  I even tried Muscle Milk which is (gasp) a protein drink!  I had the vanilla and it was good, I want to try the chocolate as well so that I can curb the sweet tooth that rears its ugly head at least once a week.

We will be trying squash soup, caramel apple chops, steak salad and so many more interesting foods, I am excited!  Hopefully the kids will at least try all of it and enjoy some of the new foods.  With baseball coming into full swing we all will need the good food to keep us going.

I believe I will get a pedometer so the next grocery trip or even a regular stock shopping trip I will know exactly what I am burning.  Coupon my friends it really helps!

Until next time…

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