Divatress Wigs to the Rescue

This year I became something I never thought in a life time I would become…a cheer mom. For a couple of years now I have gotten comments about Carly Jo and her talent of dropping down in a flat split in matter of seconds without a thought. She has extreme flexibility and  when we moved this summer we found a great way for her to put her skills to good use. She joined the local competitive cheer team. This experience was something new for both of us! This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!


Carly Jo is full of personality and energy! She has the skills and mentality to tackle anything that’s put in front of her! I mean this is the two-year (she is 6 now) that screamed and cried because she couldn’t get the cereal back into the little tiny cheap bag because her fingers were pinching the bag shut. She refused help from me, and after several tries she got it. The smile on her face said it all. She doesn’t lack at all when it comes to the skills she needs to succeed in competitive cheer. However, she doesn’t look like any of the other cheerleaders in her team. For some reason her hair grows and seriously slow rate (so did her sisters). Here little head and hair can support the big beautiful bows. She’s all girl and wants to wear the same big bows as the girls. So as I have taught her to do we set out on finding a solution to the problem instead of giving up! After talking to the coach, the other moms, and searching the web I found myself on a site called Divatress.


Divatress is a site full of lace front wigs, half wigs, ponytails, and braids. A lot of them suggest ponytails, but I found the lace front wigs was the easiest for us. With the little hair she had they made it look more natural on her. My spitfire little girl was able to put her hair up in the big bows and match the other girls. No one but the ones I confided in knew that she had a wig on. It was fantastic! The wig gave her the confidence boost she needed to fit in. As I said it before the smile on her face said it all!


Divatress came to Carly Jo and my rescue but they can make your life easier too. Rather you want to make your morning routine a little easier or just want to change your hair style for a little bit without it being on a more permanent base they can help! I have black curly hair, and I can’t count how many times I wanted lighter and straighter hair. Now, I can. How would you change your hair do?

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