Diet Myths: Busted!

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When it comes to the world of diets, there are a lot of myths floating around! Most of these are absolute nonsense, and won’t help you lose any weight at all. But, more often than not, these myths are often hard to tell from the diet tips that actually work! So, how do you work out which tips you need to listen to, and which you should ignore? Here are some of the most common diet myths that you will hear and should certainly ignore!

Diet Myths: Busted!

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Myth: Eating Late Makes You Fat


There is a myth floating around that you shouldn’t eat in the evening. However, this isn’t true and the time at which you eat shouldn’t really have any effect on your weight. After all, it’s not like calories can tell the time! So, don’t be worried about having a little snack if you get hungry in the evening. Just make sure it’s a healthy one! Whether you eat at 8 am or 8 pm, it makes no difference as long as you don’t indulge in anything too sugary or fatty!


Myth: Coffee Can Keep You Slim


There are lots of tall tales about amazing foods that we should eat to help us lose weight. And one of these so-called miracle foods is coffee. People think that all the caffeine in a cup of coffee can boost the metabolism, which makes the body burn calories quicker and more efficiently. However, the effect that coffee has on your weight is negligible. If you want to add some fat-burning supplements to your diet, you can find out which are the best on sites like EPIX Weight Loss. But, I’m sorry to say that coffee isn’t one of them!


Myth: Eating Regular Small Meals Boosts The Metabolism


A few years ago, there was a big trend for eating small portions at regular intervals throughout the day. The theory behind this was that it would increase the metabolism, which would mean that the body could burn more calories at a faster rate. Unfortunately, our metabolism doesn’t work like this and, in actual fact, the food that we eat has little effect on it. If you really want to increase your metabolism, you should gain more muscle mass, as bodies with more muscles have faster metabolisms.


Myth: Following A Diet Plan Is The Most Efficient Way To Lose Weight


Some people believe that following a diet plan, which has set meals for set days, is the best way to lose weight. They think that these kinds of plans will have been scientifically verified, and will have the right number of calories for weight loss. In actual fact, you will find it a lot easier to lose weight if you bin your diet plan in the rubbish! If you change your current diet, and cut out the amount of sugar and increase the fresh fruit and vegetables, you will find that you get the best results. And it will be easier to stick to than a diet plan as well!

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