Designing a Family-Friendly Garden

Designing a Family-Friendly Garden

Life is hectic and busy and finding a few minutes between work and family to relax in a soothing, outdoor environment, can seem like a fantasy. However, even for the busiest family, relaxation in the sanctuary of an outdoor space is within reach. The secret is designing a garden that fits you, and your family’s life.

Defined Space

Safety, especially for children and pets, is of fundamental importance when designing an outdoor space. Including defined corders in a great way to make sure that you kids and pets stay in, and potential hazards stay out. A fence, or a row of shrubs works well to create a safe, private environment where you can enjoy time together as a family.

Space for the Kids

It’s always a wonderful moment when you can combine fun and learning, and a garden is just the place to get that done. There are numerous ways to integrate educational elements into a family-friendly garden design. Planting large, colorful flowers such as dahlias, tree peonies, and hydrangeas. The color is eye catching and the blossoms attract bees and butterflies that your children will love watching and learning about. A garden is also a great way to introduce children to growing their own food and environmental responsibility. Hervs are a good choice as they look and smell wonderful as well. If you’re worried about Fido getting into things, using pots is an attractive and convenient choice.

Space for You

To make sure that your garden will have something for every member of your family, including different types of spaces is important. Even with a smaller yard, there are options for including a covered space where the adults can sit and enjoy each other’s company while the kids play. A gazebo, or even a small covered patio will provide a choice of defined areas to spend time in for different activities.

Having an area with cover in the garden is also a wonderful way to let your kids play outside even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Just because your garden is designed to be family friendly, doesn’t mean there can’t be a little something just for you. Including a water feature is a wonderful way to add a hint of sophistication and calm. There are a wide variety of water features available, ranging from ponds to birdbath and fountains. If you incorporate a water feature into your covered outdoor space, you also have the advantage of being able to select an outdoor, or indoor fountain.

Space to Share

However you decide to design your own family-friendly garden, remember to double check and make sure that it will fit into your life. Asking questions like how much maintenance, mowing, or weeding things will require, will save you trouble down the line. Making sure that there is something for everyone, be it a comfortable covered seating area, or open space to play, will assure that you and your family can enjoy your garden for years to come!

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