10 Cute Cards for the Classroom

Valentine’s Day is near and I have gathered 10 of my favorite ideas for Cute Cards for the Classroom. These are easy to make, or print and will make the kids smile from ear to ear when they get a peek at them!

It always amazes me what will make my kids laugh or smile. It can be something as huge as going on vacation or something as small as sending these cute card for their valentines. These Cute Cards for the Classroom are perfect for sharing this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day I Spy
Extra Awesome Valentines
Laffy Taffy Cards
You Color My World Cards
Starburst Valentines
Matchbox Valentine Cards
Tic Tac Toe Valentines
Love is in the Air Printable
Lego Valentines
Valentine’s Day Word Search Cards

Which of these Cute Cards for the Classroom will you be sending to school with your kids this year? I think the Lego Valentine’s are irresistible!

You can find all of my Valentine Ideas for Families here.

Reader favorites include:

Printable Valentine Word Search

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  1. We didn’t get candy attached to our Valentine’s Day cards back in the day, lol. How fun! Thanks for posting!

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