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I love cuddling with Carly. However Carly doesn’t like sitting still. Her hands are always on the go. It makes it very hard to hold her. I recently had a chance  to try Cuddle Tug. Cuddle tug has become a life saver!

 The necklace is made very sturdy. My daughter has pulled and pulled on it and now tears or snags. Cuddle tug has several great ways you can use it. The top 10 ways are :

10. Strap your beautiful CuddleTug on the highchair in a restaurant.

9. Wear your CuddleTug when you need your baby to be quietly entertained.

8. Strap the CuddleTug to your baby’s stroller or carseat.

7. Use your CuddleTug for playtime on a mommys lap when you dont want your baby on the floor.

6. Have a CuddleTug for your baby-sitter, nanny, or child-care professional to wear while they watch your baby.

5. Dont forget Grandma (and Grandpa)!!

4. Wonderful baby shower gift!

3. Wear your CuddleTug while Bottle Feeding.

2. Wear your CuddleTug while Breast Feeding.

1. Bond with your baby.

My favorite ways are 1 and 8.  We recently moved. It was a 9 hour drive. I was in one vehicle with the girls and my husband was in another with my son and our dog. In the past I would just pick up a toy when it dropped. But since I was doing the driving I couldn’t do it and my older daughter wouldn’t be able to reach them either.  No worries though, cuddle tug came to the rescue.  I tied the toy to the car seat with the cuddle tug and whenever it fall my daughter was able to pull it up for Carly. I didn’t have to try to worry about picking up the toys and/or dealing with a crying baby! The name is very fitting for the Cuddle Tug. I can wear it when I am holding her and she will set there and play with it. Honestly her favorite thing is to wear it.

Want one for yourself, but don’t want the bumble bee design? No worries they have several designs where you are sure to find one that’s a great fit. Trust me no matter how you decide to use your Cuddle Tug it will become a life saver for you!!

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  1. This is awesome! All my shirts are stretched out from my first two little ones. But now that I am expecting my third this would be great!

  2. These necklaces look great and sturdy. This would have saved many strings of pearls in my house!

  3. I would love to have this for when baby’s nursing, he is always grabbing my shirt, my face, or anything else he can reach

  4. Very cool! They have come out with such cool things now that I am done having babies LOL I will keep this in mind though for friends that are trying to have a baby 🙂

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