Creator Box Review #ad

This is a sponsored review with Mums the Word Network and Creator Box . All opinions are my own.

Bryson is eight going on thirty! LOL! Do you have a little one that is like that? It seems like every toy that’s set for his age group is pretty boring for him. He likes things that he can tinker with and put together. So when I was giving a chance to review a creator box. I knew it would be perfect for him!

 Creator Box Review #ad

About Creator Box : The Mighty Catapult:

Build a catapult and imagine you are the Roman Emperor, conquering your enemies. Learn about levers, kinetic energy, and more!

 Creator Box Review #ad

What’s included in your box?

  • 1 learning guide with easy instructions.
  • 1 hour of quality time with your child.
  • 1 completed toy that your child will be proud of.

 Creator Box Review #ad

My Thoughts:

Honestly what’s not to love about this box. It was beyond perfect for him. He came home with a 100 on his spelling test, so as a special treat I broke out this Mighty Catapult Creator Box Kit. I thought he might need some help, so we both set down on the floor together to work on this creation. Little did I know that he would not need my help. He was able to follow the instruction/pictures and do everything by himself. Once the catapult was together I was worried that my very active busy boy would have that thing broken by the end of the night. I was wrong. We are on our second week of him using it every night. The pieces are super sturdy and perfect! I asked him what his favorite thing about it and he said the “Castle!” The simple act of adding a piece of paper that had  a black and white castle on it made his day. He was able to color it the way he want and once the glue dried he was able to shoot the balls over the castle. It was the perfect extra touch! Creator box really does go above and beyond to making little big kids like my son happy!

 Creator Box Review #ad

About the Giveaway:

One lucky US reader will get a chance to win  (1) Creator Box kit. ENDS 10/23

Coupon Codes:

  1. 5CB = $5 off first single box purchase
  2. 50Sub = 50% off first box in subscription purchase


  1. The Mighty Catapult would be a great project for my grandson plus he can play with it when it is completed. I would love to see the Airplane Launcher and Smart House Kits when they are available.

  2. Our Grandson X-man would just love this box! I know how much children love to get things in the mail and when it is something super cool like this well all bets are off! I would love for any one of these cool boxes to be delivered but if hard pressed to pick one. Well I would hope for the Airplane launcher which is coming out soon.

  3. Looks as if the Mighty Catapult is the only option right now, so that is the box I would love for my homeschooling son! Although, Smart House seems very interesting.

  4. This is a great idea — kids love to build things and getting a monthly project would be terrific. I would like to get this for my granddaughter.

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