Crayon Bungee Review

I opened the door to grab my son’s car seat out of the truck and there it was…a melted crayon in my seat. We all have been there. Well Nini has come up with the perfect solution to that, and that’s a Crayon Bungee. Not only does the Crayon Bungee solve the problem for melted crayons in the seat but also the embarrassing moments crawling under the table at restaurant to pick up the crayons your kids have dropped. 2 problems and 1 solution, who would have thought!
The design of the bungee is bright and colorful and they are full of different textures so even the children love to use them. The Bungee is simple to use. It has two ways to anchor. You could use the suction cup to attach to tables or you could use the looping strap for car seats (or other surfaces). It has a clip that makes it easy to switch back and forth from the suction cup and strap. There are three different strings/straps that will hold the crayons or markers very snugly. The snug fit makes it hard for toddlers to remove.
As a mom I am concerned about the health of my children. That’s one thing that I love about these products they are BPA, lead, latex and phthalate free.
Nini has three different kinds of bungees: Crayon (as I mentioned above), Toy, and Paci Bungee.
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