CozyPhones For Every Kid

I absolutely love cozyphones headphones, these things are so cute, fun and comfortable for kids. My kids love wearing headphones to listen to their tablets and they love how comfortable these headphones are. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

They love the fact that it’s like wearing a headband and they are super cute. My daughter absolutely loves the JoJo Cozy because she loves JoJo Siwa and big bows so she loves having these headphones. I actually got her several different ones because they are so stylish and she can decide which ones she wants with the outfit she is wearing that day. I love that these are so soft and easy to wear, and in the winter they help keep your kids ears warm and cozy.

I love all the designs they have, and we even have several of them. I keep a Marshall and Sky Pat Patrols ones here for when my Nephew comes over because he doesn’t like regular headphones but loves wearing these when I set him down with a movie on the tablet. These make great gifts for any occasion for kids. They are great for when you are traveling with your kids in the car because they are so comfortable for them to wear and since they aren’t big and bulky like regular headphones my kids often fall asleep with them on when watching their movies in the car when we are on road trips.

We actually used these last summer when we took a 17 hour road trip back to Kansas to see family and man were these a lifesaver especially since it was just me and the kids. They were able to each watch their own things on their devices without being uncomfortable with regular headphones and it was amazing. If you have a kid then I would highly recommend getting them a pair or two of these to use, they will love how comfortable they are. I have worn the kitty one to bed before because it’s so comfortable and I was able to lay down with it on and not have it hurting my ears. These headphones are simply amazing.

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