Too Cool: Could These Trends Damage Your Health?

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No matter how old we are, as soon as something new comes on the market we all feel like we’re kids back in the school playground oohing and ahhing over our friend’s rare shiny Pokemon card or watching a Tamagotchi munch virtual snacks for the first time!



damage health

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It’s definitely a hot topic right now as legislators fight to have gaping recognized as a quit smoking aid and people campaign to have e-cigarettes made available over the counter and on the NHS but should we be embracing smoke-free style so quickly? Despite an almost overnight boom in nearby vape shops, not to mention the plethora of stockists online we know very little about how e-cigarettes are made, what liquids they contain and what effects, if any, they could have on our long-term health? When it comes to vaping always use a reputable shop, read the user guide before switching on your e-cigarette and if you feel sick or dizzy at any time discontinue use immediately.

Social Media

damage health

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Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, YouTube, Twitter, and Tinder. With the rate apps are being made by the time you’ve finished reading this article they’ll probably be another amazing way to communicate with our friends without, you know, actually having to physically talk to them! In the last few years more, and more of us have cited social media as the reason for our relationships ending, marriages breaking down and friendships falling apart. We’re now so focused on making sure that everyone else can see what an awesome time we’re having that we forget to live in the moment, while severe depression caused by FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out is becoming a huge public health concern.


Clean Eating

damage health

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Looking after yourself is great, but if you’ve not eaten anything more substantial than a bowl of salad all day, then you may be taking it a step too far. Juicing was never intended to replace meals, in fact, you need to eat a balanced diet to stop yourself becoming dizzy, lethargic and hungry which are all the things that healthy smoothies combat in the first place. The clean eating movement, made famous by golden skinned LA fitness bloggers, is all about actually thinking about what we’re putting into our bodies! However, in a modern society where so much of our food has been treated in one way or another, it can be difficult to source whole foods which leads to being hyper aware of what we put in our mouths.  


damage health

Flickr Credit: Automobile Italia


Hoverboards are basically skateboards with two giant wheels attached underneath that’s controlled by your feet. Pressure pads on the top of the board detect movement which then allows you to stop, start, turn, reverse or go faster. These boards were first used by celebrities, then by their teenagers and usage has then gradually filtered down into the general population. However, there have been multiple reports of hoverboard failures leading to traffic accidents and even a public outcry threatening to ban these nuisance worthy, and dangerous modes of transport from our sidewalks and pavements as they are far from perfectly safe.


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