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There are several things that my daughter and I attend on a weekly base that we need a bag for. We go to a farmers market and the library just name a few places. I have a couple plain jane reusable bags that I take with me. Zoey is always wanting to bring her own bag, but the ones I have “Just aren’t pretty!” she says.

Conserving Now has a variety of reusable bags that are great to use and easier on the environmental  They aren’t just plain either. They have several designs that will attract all ages. My favorite and my daughter’s favorite is the  Sweet Treats from the Kids 2 Series.  I always question how sturdy reusable bags are so I never overload the bags. However one day Miss Zoey put her Sweet Treats bag to the book test. She managed to fit 3 movies and 15 books from the library in it and it didn’t ear or even act a little weak.  So her test proved two different things. One the bag is very sturdy and two it’s pretty big and can hold a good amount of stuff! One thing that that makes these bags different from many other is you can fold them up and snap it together where it will stay folded. This makes it nice to keep in the diaper bag or vehicle, so it’s handy when you need it!


What better way to teach your children ways to be environmental then with these Envirosax bags. The designs make it appealing for kids to use, they are sturdy, and big! I know this is one bag that will be used over and over!  

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  1. I always use a reuseable bag when my son is spending the night somewhere, or if we’re going to the beach! 🙂

  2. My sister and I both use them for the things that we take to each other’s houses….I have one in a closet by the door. As I come across things that I want to give her I put ’em in the bag. She does the same. Then we just exchange bags!

  3. i use our bags for everything- if we are going on an all day outing i use it to carry extras that wont fit in the diaper bags, or if i am going somewhere where i know i will need to change my shoes…. my kids use them for gym bags or overnights at grandmas house.

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