Cliradex Light Advanced Foaming Eyelid, Eyelash, and Facial Cleanser

Cliradex Light advanced foaming eyelid, eyelash, and face cleanser has been absolutely fabulous for my skin! It has been increasingly difficult to find a cleanser that is easy on my face and cleans as well as I want it to, but my search has ended.  This is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and experiences are personal and true (like always)!

Cliradex Light


Cliradex Light is natural, organic, vegan, and free from alcohol and fragrances. It does not contain parabens or sulfates and is free from preservatives, as well. This is refreshing considering how many artificial and unnatural chemicals and ingredients are used in beauty products. Why put these potentially harmful chemicals onto your face and especially around your eyes? Fortunately, there is a better option: Cliradex Light advanced foaming eyelid, eyelash, and face cleanser.

My Results After Using Cliradex Light

Don’t think Cliradex Light can get any better? Well, I’m here to tell you that it can. In addition to being effective and convenient, it helps relieve symptoms of dry eyes, blepharitis, and many other eyelid and skin conditions. It penetrates deep into the skin and is a natural and soothing facial cleansing agent. Cliradex Light is also easy to carry when you’re on the go. Contained within Cliradex Light is 4-terpineol formula (T4O), which is extracted from tea tree oil to provide maximum benefits without damaging the skin. T4O is a prominent component in tea tree oil known for killing Demodex mites. These pesky little critters are actually inhabitants of your facial skin!

Ocular irritation, inflammation, and lid margin disease are associated with poor eyelid hygiene. Many common facial cleansers are made from harsh chemicals. Cliradex Light doesn’t use harsh chemicals and is a more natural way to keep your face clean and healthy. It’s fantastic for preventative eye care and hygiene as well as treating minor irritations. It’s recommended that you use Cliradex Light twice a day. You can apply the product safely to the eyelids and the surrounding skin.

So many facial products not only irritate the eyes and the skin around your eyes but also contain warnings specifically stating NOT to make contact with the eyes. Isn’t it about time you tried a product you can use without worrying about burning and irritating your eyes? Try Cliradex Light. You’ll find that it is easy to use, non-toxic, non-sensitizing, does not cause irritation, and kills eyelid bacteria.

By now, I’m sure you’re convinced to try this amazing product. Simply visit today and order some online. I have a strong feeling that, like me, you will never go back to other potentially harmful chemical-containing products. If you are still not convinced, read through the plethora of helpful information provided on the manufacturer’s website. I did, and I came away with a facial cleanser that has changed the way that I will care for my face forever. Take my advice. I am extremely confident that Cliradex Light will have the same results for you!

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