Clean Air, Happy Family!

If you have read much on my blog, you know that I have a husband (of 15 years this year!), four children, and two fur babies; all of whom are very important to me.  With that many people and animals in a home, there are bound to be different needs among everyone. I found that out very quickly with my oldest as we struggle with his allergies basically year-round although some times of the year are worse than other. Unfortunately summer is one of the biggest culprits. While I love this time of year due to the sunshine, warmth, and family fun, it comes with some intense allergy triggers like pollens and molds. Even worse, those of you with fur babies know it’s the season when pets shed like crazy too!

With my husband’s sensitivity to various seasonal allergies, we’ve done our fair share of experimenting to get him some relief. Things like keeping the house super clean, keeping the windows shut, even avoiding outdoors when people are mowing, and allergy meds. I’ve even heard of people wearing masks whenever they go out! Luckily we have not gotten that desperate because we’ve found a pretty good solution – humidifiers! We have come to find it necessary to utilize cool mist humidifiers in order to keep the air clear of allergens and keep moisture in the air to soothe airways. They’re not for everyone but wefind them so effective, and the cool humidifiers are actually safer than the heated alternative especially with my little ones exploring the house. Moms, take note!

With my oldest son being twelve, we have understandably gone through many, which is why I am always searching for quality products that not only function well, but last long. Recently I was conducting some of my routine research and ran across this article on iPropertyManagement that was really helpful. It is basically a “top ten” list for 2019 with reviews on different brands and types of humidifiers, and I actually didn’t even know cool mist versions were an option until I saw this. It compares features like quietness and safety (our priorities) which made considering the options so easy! Make sure to do your research because while one product may work best for my home, another may work better for yours. 

Anyway, I’ve been seeing so many people sniffling and sneezing lately that I just wanted to share what works for us. Who knows, maybe the right humidifier plus a little extra vacuuming and steam in your shower could make a difference. If you live with allergy sufferers like I do, I encourage you to do your research and make the right purchases for your specific needs.  It is completely worth the effort for a cleaner and happier home!

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