A Chain (Allergic) Reaction: Addressing Your Allergies At The Source

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It seems that everybody now has an allergy to something. Whether it is gluten, hay fever, lactose, or even something as common as nuts it is widespread now. But instead of going to the drug store, are there ways around it that can be done naturally? The first thing to address about an allergy is that it is usually the result of an imbalance in your gut bacteria. And if you have a weakened immune system as a result of insufficient gut bacteria, this means you will naturally become susceptible to more allergies. So if you find that you are constantly sniffly, or think you have a cold, the first thing to do is to take a probiotic supplement. This helps to restore the healthy gut bacteria, and it has been shown that after a few weeks of consuming the supplement, it results in fewer allergies. You could also make your own probiotics by making kefir or fermented foods.


If you do find yourself constantly under the weather, it’s always best to begin by examining your home. You may find that if you have a lot of pets and you don’t keep on top of the mess, fine hair may burrow itself into your carpets which can trap dust mites. Suffice to say, keeping a clean house is a priority when you think you may be allergic to a pet, but it is also good practice. There are plenty of products that you can purchase to combat dust mites and specific pet hair cleaners, and you can have a look for the best carpet cleaner for pets to see what is suitable for your home. It’s also possible to remove impurities from the air by using a filter known as a high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA). But it’s important to maintain a clean environment if you have pets, especially if you have children where allergies can develop at such a young age.

One of the main symptoms, when you have an allergy, is congestion, and there are many ways to tackle this. The first one is by having an acupuncture session. Studies have shown that people who underwent a specific type of acupuncture known as active acupuncture (where the needles were placed in a specific way to induce a tingling or numb feeling), showed a reduction in nasal congestion as well as a decrease in sneezing. You can get acupuncture in hospitals now, but you can go to a local health shop where they will very likely run acupuncture sessions.


Bearing in mind that allergies are symptomatic of a weakened immune system it might be better to tackle your immune deficiencies directly by using natural remedies. Apart from probiotics, you could use apple cider vinegar to help reduce the production of the mucus as well as clean out your lymphatic system. Local honey has been an old wives tale for getting healthy because by eating honey from your local area, it works in the same way as getting a flu jab, i.e. you are consuming a bit of the product you are allergic to. Nettle leaf is also something that you can make tea out of, which stops the body creating histamine. Therefore it works as a natural antihistamine.


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