Keeping Reptiles as Pets for Children

Pets can really change a child’s life. Having a pet teaches your child responsibility and empathy, but will also provide them with unconditional love and a best friend. However, you don’t need to get them a dog or a cat. Some may be interested in something a bit more, let’s say, exotic. You may be […]

A Day with Nuby

As a mom of 4, I like to think I am i n the know when it comes to all things baby! That is a good thing for you because you always get the scoop on the best new products for families. I have a few to tell you about from Nuby that you are […]

Divatress Wigs to the Rescue


This year I became something I never thought in a life time I would become…a cheer mom. For a couple of years now I have gotten comments about Carly Jo and her talent of dropping down in a flat split in matter of seconds without a thought. She has extreme flexibility and  when we moved […]

Wildkin lunchbox

It is time for back to school and that means I am packing a whole lot of lunches! This year, my son is taking brown bagging to a whole new level of cool with the Game On Lunch Box. If you have a child that packs lunch you are going to want to hear about […]


Sometimes peeling hard-boiled eggs can be a daunting task, especially if you have several you need to peel like if you’re making egg salad or deviled eggs. But now with the NEGG you can easily and quickly peel your eggs so that you can get your stuff made faster. This post is a sponsored post, […]