A New Look For A New Home: Mohawk Review

This summer has been the most busiest summer for me. Why? We had to move. Talk about not fun! Packing and unpacking was about impossible with three under five running around.  Although, I got to say there was one thing was real nice with this move. I was very excited to redecorate. The first thing I was […]

Bebek Evenflo

Feeding your little one is very important for several reasons. It’s a special bonding time with you and your little one. You also want to make sure you are using the safest and best products. Evenflo has came out with the Evenflo Bebek. My daughter loves their bottles. She prefurs the Bebek bottles over the others. Bebek […]

Mudpuppy Play Scene

  On the road again. Oh the joys of traveling. Kids screaming they are bored and asking the famous question “are we there yet!” I am sure we all have  been there a  I love these toys for road trips for several reasons. They don’t take up much space and they don’t make noises!!   The board […]