Rock N Learn PreSchool DVD’s!!

My children love watching television.  I don’t mind if they watch television as long as it’s educational.  However, it’s hard to find things that are educational and enjoyable for the little ones to watch.  With Rock N Learn DVD’s that’s not a problem. My kids love them!  Rock N Learn has come out with a […]

Rock & Learn Sight Words DVD & Giveaway

I know so many parents are anti-television. I on the other hand like television. My children have learned so much from watching television. I have been asked by my son’s preschool teacher several times how much do you work with him at home. I work with him a little bit, but not a whole lot. […]

Spotlight Sponsor: Copy-Kids

“Monkey See-Monkey Do” It amazes me how quick some kids pick up on things just be seeing other kids doing it first.  Copy-Kids picked up on this very concept.   I hope I am no the only parent out there that has trouble getting their kid to eat vegetables or fruits. I know I have […]