8 Gifts That Kids Can Make

8 Gifts That Kids Can Make

A gift made by a child is often treasured for years. A keepsake that instantly becomes a treasure. A gift from the heart to be savored! If you want to get crafty with the kids this holiday season, here are 8 ideas for homemade gifts that can be made by kids. Sugar Scrub is a […]

20 Watercolor DIY Projects

20 Watercolor DIY Projects

Watercolor and ombre are the new trend. It’s light, dreamy, brings a splash of color onto a blank canvas, and unique – no two homemade watercolor items will be the exact same. What I love is you don’t have to be an art-guru to create a watercolor masterpiece – there’s really no right or wrong […]

Raining? Create a Fun Fishbowl

My daughter loves fish! If a store has a tank of fish, she wants to see them, give them names, and plead with me to buy one to add to our aquarium. One day last week we got out some craft supplies and I came up with a really easy craft to make with kids […]

9 Ideas for Edible Sensory Play

Sensory Bins are not only fun, but also a great developmental tool for children. It has been proven that learning is enhanced when the senses are engaged, and we all know that children learn via play. A sensory bin provides children a way to learn, play and discover in a contained way that parents can […]

7 Sensory Bins To Make

Sensory play is an important tool for childhood development and fun play that inspires learning. The beauty of a sensory bin is that you are only limited by your imagination! I found some great examples of sensory bin play that your kids are going to adore! Fall is the perfect time to use nature in […]

6 Homemade Play Dough Recipes

Play Dough is the cornerstone of childhood play. Kids all over the world grow up squishing, sculpting and creating with Play Dough.  While the name brand product isn’t expensive, there is really no sense in buying it. Especially not now that I have rounded up some of the best recipes for Homemade Play Dough. I […]

My Christmas Wishlist Printable

It is time for the kids to start making their Christmas Wishlists! This year instead of buying a pricey kit, why not print off a few of these fun wishlist printables that I came up with? You can save that money to buy another gift or make a donation to a worthy charity!   My […]