Protect Your Kids From RSV


Winter is my less favorite season. I hate it with passion and for many reasons. It’s cold and dangerous. The roads get dangerous. So not only do you have to protect your kids from getting cold and hurt but you also have to take extra precaution to help prevent them from getting sick. Did you […]

What is Christmas Spirt?

Being the mother to a nine year old boy and five year old girl, I have see and heard some pretty funny stories. I have held back those tear filled moments, when they have reached onetime milestones in their lives such as riding a bike without training wheels for the first time or seeing them […]

I Want to be Your Friend!

Today is Thursday!! Why is this such a special day? If you ask my  three-year-old she will tell you it’s because she gets to go to tumbling. If you ask me, I will say because I get to watch her achieve  great things. She loves tumbling and is very good at it. Although today she did […]