How To Make Your Business Increasingly Successful

  If you have started your own business and want it to become increasingly successful, now is the perfect time to start operating in an organized, strategic manner. Doing so will help ensure that your business begins to grow in a dynamic way. Below you will find just three of numerous strategies you can deploy […]

Being A Better Mom

Being A Better Mom

There is so much pressure to be the perfect mom these days. Everyone and their auntie has an opinion on how you should be raising your kids and what you should be doing with your time. So much so that some of the necessary things to being a better mom can be left out. Like, […]

3 Reasons a Mom Should Earn Her MBA

Let’s face it, being a mom is a full time job, and depending on the number of children you are trying to raise, it can feel like two or three full-time jobs.  Many moms give up their career to stay home and raise a child.  That does not have to be the case with the […]

Health Sense(s)

Health Sense(s)

The five senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch) are how we experience the world. We rely on them for everything, from the most basic to the most profound of range of the human experience.   On this theme, political theorist Hannah Arendt is quoted as saying:   “Nothing we use or hear or touch […]

Top Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

Female Entrepreneurs

In 2017, your gender shouldn’t have any influence on your success as an entrepreneur. In many cases, it doesn’t. Women can do exactly the same as men, and more women than ever are choosing to abandon the traditional work environment or life as a stay at home mom to set up their own business. However, […]

More Women Are Entering the Tech Industry

We can’t deny the fact that there is still a gap between the number of men and women in the tech industry. Quantity is not the only issue either. Studies complied by the New Jersey Institute of Technology suggest that there is still a pay gap in science and technology. Most of the women who […]