Just Because Gifts For Him

Just Because Gifts For Him

A little spontaneity goes a long way in a relationship. Sometimes, something has got your man down. Or maybe you just feel like you haven’t done anything special for him lately. Rather than the obvious route of smothering him with kisses, why not take the time to give him a “just because” gift? Everyone deserves […]

#HugtheMess with Family Dollar and Huggies

As a family on the go, it is important to have a well-stocked diaper bag. Messes happen, kids need to be cleaned up, and no matter where we are headed, from baseball practice to a doctor’s appointment, or to visit family, being prepared to clean it up and keep moving is vital. Huggies is my […]

Lacking Energy? Try These Tricks

It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re lacking energy. It’s a problem that some people deal with each and every day. It’s not pleasant, but you can battle this problem and come out as the victor. There are so many great tips, tricks and lifestyle tweaks that can help to boost your energy levels. They’ll […]

Tips for Marketing Your Gaming Blog

Writing and maintaining your own gaming blog can be tons of fun if you’re an avid gamer with lots to say. However, it can also be slightly depressing when you spend so much time developing great posts only to have a tiny number of visitors appreciate it. Like any other blogger in any niche, you’d […]

Top Tips For Keeping Up With Your Kids

Top Tips For Keeping Up With Your Kids

Photo: Pixabay A study conducted in 2012 found that all of the running around that toddlers do each day corresponds to enough adult energy to complete eighty-seven rounds of a boxing match or an entire marathon. That is just each day. It is no surprise therefore that a lot of parents struggle to keep up. […]

Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly


Let’s be honest, making your home more environmentally friendly will likely require a lot of work as well as a lot of money. Fortunately, temperature regulating walls and solar grids are not your only options when it comes to adopting household practices that are healthier for the environment. The bonus? The following ideas are fun, […]