Spotlight Sponsor: EcoVessel

I am a huge fan of cups. If you like into my cabinets you will see several different kind of cups or water bottles. I also find one that looks better. However, I never find one that filters the water I drink. Well that is until recently that is.    I recently tried Eco Vessel Aqua Vessel […]

Spotlight Sponsor: 4x Razor Digital Pedometer by Ozeri Review

I always love things that take the guessing game out of stuff.  I hate walking in the first place, but trying to figure out how much I walk and making sure I walk enough is stressful too me.  I recently had the chance to review the 4x Razor Digital Pedometer by Ozeri. Let me tell […]

Shaklee: Cinch Weight Loss Plan: What Is It?

Good Morning!!   Loosing weight is a hard thing to do for anyone. You are always finding or hearing of different programs that are for loosing weight. I know I am always wondering does that really work? How do the food taste on the diet? Is it hard to follow? With so many options of […]

Fit Mom’s For Life Review/Giveaway ( Good Luck Giveaway Hop)

Today may be your lucky day – so hop down and win some of these giveaways!  This is the Good Luck Giveaway Hop, hosted by MamaNYC! This event will run from March 14-19th.  We have over 60+ bloggers each giving away some amazing prizes! Be sure to hop down the list when you are done with this giveaway!   Have you […]

Nordic Naturals Review & The What’s Essential Contest

My husband and my family both has had cardiac issues in the family; so we take heart health seriously. That’s why I was more than glad to try the Ultimate Omega-D3. The one thing I loved about this is the weren’t hard to take. They didn’t have the funky smell that some vitamins can have and they didn’t taste […]