Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler Reviews/Giveaways

I am going to say it again, I don’t like clutter. Recently I started recyceling my can and some of my plastics. I was having a hard time finding a place to store them that didn’t make my kitchen look messy.  Every time I looked it I would just get annoyed. I recently came across […]

Spotlight Sponsor Reuseit Bag

We all have our week points. Mine is bags. In fact my lovely husband told me I was band from getting anymore diaper bags. They way I see it the diaper bag is my purse. There is allot that I consider when buying bags or totes.   I recently found  Reuseit Tote Bags. Three Words…I […]

Spotlight Sponsor: Eat Cleaner

I am a huge fan of french fries. I can’t afford to buy the pre-cut french fries bags, so I buy a bag of potatoes and cut my own. I can’t stand the taste of dirt that comes with the potatoes if you don’t get the clean enough. I will spend several minutes just scrubbing one potato.  I recently […]

Spotlight Sponsor: Coconut World

Did you know there is something called coconut sugar? I didn’t. I was shocked and very excited when I found out about coconut sugar. I am a huge fan of coconut flavoring. I recently had a chance to try some Coconut Sugar from Coconut World.  Coconut sugar is great for cooking, baking, and just adding a little sweetness to a […]

Spotlight Sponsor: Natural House Cleaners (Review)

As a mom you are always concerned about what’s best for your family. I am always on the look out for cleaners that you can use that isn’t harmful for my family to be around. I recently got to try out three different cleaners from Natural House.  The first cleaner is Trashy! Trashy came in […]