Tell Me About IT 7/1!! (Happy 4th of July!)

  About my week: Is it me or do the days just go by quicker and quicker. It seems like this week has just flown by! Nothing new really. I did get word this week we will be in our new house by the 19th!! Yay! I also managed to go through and organize my […]

Tell Me About It Tuesday 6/16

  Tell Me About It Tuesday 6/16   Welcome Back Party People! I hope you have had an excellent week! In my life since last week: Well…as usual it’s been a hectic week. Nothing new really. Just T-ball games, PeeWee games, Swimming Lessons and practices. I feel like some days I run with my head […]

Tell Me About It Tuesday

3 Steps to an Organized Pantry

Welcome Back Party People! I hope you have had an excellent week!   Big news this week! We are honored to welcome Jenn and Dawn from Pin-n-Tell as our new co-hosts. That means we are featuring your awesome posts on 4 blogs! Make sure you hop over to see the features on Saving for My Family and Woman of Many […]

Tell Me About It

veggie burger

Welcome back party people! I am so glad you came! Since last week… Well a lot has happened. My hubby and I had our ten-year anniversary and went on a date for the first time in THREE years. We spent all of Saturday outside at our State Track Meet. (I learned a very important fact…sun […]

Tell Me About It 5/20

Welcome Back Party People! Since last week my life has been interesting! Zoey O graduated preschool and summer has started! Last week kept me on my toes for sure, but we had promotions, graduations, concerts, banquets, and award assemblies to attend to. It’s all over now and we can have some fun. I am beyond […]

Tell Me About It Tuesday 5/13

Let me tell ya, it’s been a rough week this week and it’s only Tuesday!! This is the last week week of school and my kids have been doing TONS of activities such as field day, awards assembly, preschool graduation, and awards banquet. Will it ever end?! I would love for you to leave me […]

Tell Me About It Tuesday 4/29

Welcome Back Party People! Let me tell you about my life since the last party: It’s been another pretty busy week for me!  This past weekend we had FOUR soccer games!! We have one more soccer game and than we are done with it for both kids, but guess what? T-Ball starts!! School ends and […]