Teach My : Preschooler Kit – Everything You Need To Give Your Little One A Jump Start

Education is very important for me.  That’s why I was upset when we moved and I couldn’t get my daughter into Head Start or Preschool. Everything was booked. So I began searching online for somethings that I can work with her on at home. That’s when I found Teach My. Teach My has three kits […]

Reading Horizons – Help Your Children Learn to Read

 I am a firm believer that one of my jobs as a mom is to teach them. However sometimes I just don’t know where to start. My son started Kindergarten this year and his teacher has told me that he struggled a little bit with reading. I myself struggled with reading growing up, so I was completely […]

Rock N Learn PreSchool DVD’s!!

My children love watching television.  I don’t mind if they watch television as long as it’s educational.  However, it’s hard to find things that are educational and enjoyable for the little ones to watch.  With Rock N Learn DVD’s that’s not a problem. My kids love them!  Rock N Learn has come out with a […]

Eraselet : A must for every school age child!

It’s a scary time for this mamma! My son  is fixing to start Kindergarten. I am so scared and nervous. My son however is very excited! I have recently started buying school supplies for him. I want to make sure he has great products. I recently got to try Eraselets. Eraselets are the coolest eraser around. Eraselets is a […]

Barron’s Educational Series: A Book For Everyone

Who doesn’t love to read? I am always looking at books and trying to find new ones. Ones that my children would love but they are educational at the same time. Books that are fun or useful for me to read. At Barron’s there is a book for everyone.  Barron’s is a very organized site. […]