: Save on Education Supplies

education supplies

I am a mom of three children. Granted the oldest is only 6, but even at their age education is important. However, educations supplies isn’t always cheap. That’s why I love! is an easy way to get huge discounts on the educational products you know and love. You never know you might find […]

BookLingual : Teaching Your Kids Spanish/English One Book at a Time!!


About BookLingual :  BookLingual books are specially designed to help children learn Spanish through fun reading. The books are intuitively designed and based on research to speed up language learning – even if you don’t know Spanish. Rather than making language lessons a chore or sticking kids in front of a TV – BookLingual is […]

Hugo The Happy Starfish : Character Education

Bryson started Kindergarten in August. It seemed like he turned into a boy I didn’t know anymore. He was acting out and doing things that he shouldn’t and he knew better! I tried explaining to him that things he (and his classmates)  thought was funny really wasn’t and was hurting someones feelings. That’s why I feel in love with […]