Fun Kid’s Lunch Box Idea!

Fun Kid's Lunch Box Idea!

Kid’s Lunch Box with Peanut Butter/Banana Apple-Shaped Sandwich, California Blend Veggies with Chicken, & Oreo Cookie/Reese’s Spider! Yield: 1 Kid’s Lunch Peanut Butter/Banana Apple-Shaped Sandwich 1 Slice Bread 2 Tbsp. Peanut Butter ¼ Banana (sliced) Apple-Shaped Cookie Cutter Candy Eyes Candy Lips Black Sparkle Gel Instructions  Using an apple-shaped cookie cutter, press down twice on 1 slice of […]

12 Ways to Give Thanks for Educators

Students today enjoy instruction from the greatest generation of teachers, principles, and superintendents ever. Today’s educators have accomplished record-setting high school graduation rates, more students succeeding in a more rigorous curriculum, and steadily improving test scores, while at the same time achieving high parent satisfaction and strong student-teacher relationships. That is a lot for one […]

How to Save on Back to School

How to Save on Back to School

Are the kids heading back to school soon? Buying back to school items for just one child can be incredibly expensive. That’s why you need every tip you can manage on how to save on back to school. #1. Buy early or late No one ever saves money by buying exactly at the right time […]

10 Tips For Your Kindergartner

tips for your kindergartner

Is your pre-k student entering Kindergarten soon? There are many things you can do to prepare your child for this big adventure in their life. If you’re ready to start preparing your child for this incredible journey, then check out these ten tips for their first day of school. #1. Communication Your child should not […]

9 Back to School Tips for Allergies

back to school allergies tips

“As a member of the Children’s Claritin Mom Crew, I receive product samples and promotional items to share and use as I see fit. No monetary compensation has taken place and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.”   For the past 24 hours I have fought a headache like […]