Take the guess work out of meal planning and shopping with eMeals.com

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At the beginning of this year I had taken the pledge aka New Years Resolution to eat healthier and lose weight. I wanted to cook more, but honestly didn’t know where to start. I wanted to try new meals other than the basic stuff. Which was the only thing I was coming up with. Then I discovered eMeals.com. eMeals.com is a […]

Protect Your Kids From RSV


Winter is my less favorite season. I hate it with passion and for many reasons. It’s cold and dangerous. The roads get dangerous. So not only do you have to protect your kids from getting cold and hurt but you also have to take extra precaution to help prevent them from getting sick. Did you […]

10 Healthy Valentines Snacks For Kids

valentine snacks

   Cheese and Crackers   Pizza My Heart  (There is no photo for this. The link also has 8 other ideas!!)  Layered Jello Hearts  Strawberry Milkshake  Heart Milk Cubes  Chex Mix  Tomato Heart   Heart Shaped Boiled Eggs  : My son is an odd ball. He is extremely picky eater, but loves hard boiled eggs. He’s going to love […]