Feeding The Dog To Illness: How To Avoid It

There are a lot of different kinds of dog foods out there and plenty of owners who don’t mind sharing their human food with their furry friends, either. However, many people don’t realize how truly sensitive dogs are to their food. A few bad habits, even if they seem minor, can not only be harmful […]

Chronic Illness In Dogs: 4 Problems Solved

PixaBay.com   Few of us want to think about our beloved furry friends ever falling unwell, but realistically, at some point every dog owner is going to go through the point where your dog needs treatment for something. It might be an accident they are recovering from, an acute illness that requires treatment, or the […]

Dog Dramas

Dog Dramas

Owning a dog is great. They can be brilliant with children, give you a better lease of life and a source of joy and happiness for all. They can quite literally become part of the family. Yet things can go wrong sometimes, leaving you or the dog in varying amounts of trouble. There are ways […]

Milk-Bone’s Farmer’s Medley

Sportsache Mini Sports Bag

This is a sponsored post. National Dog Biscuit Day was on February 23rd and I was so happy to find the Farmer’s Medley line from Milk-Bone. I think about the food and quality ingredients I eat to fuel my life—and do the same for my dog Sadie. Whether it’s for training or treating, dog biscuits […]