Spice up Saint Patrick’s Day for Your Kids with These 30 Craft Ideas

st Patrick crafts

St. Patrick day to me always meant to wear green because you didn’t want to get pinched. I honestly don’t remember doing much else besides that. My parent’s weren’t crafty just like me. However we have the internet now so I have spent all morning searching it looking for some fun St. Patrick’s crafts that I could […]

Easy Diaper Cake Tutorial

  Are you expecting a little one or do you know of someone who is? When it comes to doing something crafty or unique you shouldn’t ask me. However when I stumbled a crossed this Easy Diaper Cake Tutorial on Slap Dash Mom  I knew this was something unique that I could do. The greatest […]

13 Pumpkin Carving Patterns

pumpkin carvings

  News FLASH!!! Halloween is coming!!! ( You probably already knew that! 🙂 ) It’s probably one of the kids most favorite holiday and for the obvious reason! CANDY!!! Who doesn’t love candy?  My favorite part is the pumpkins! I love decorating them for several reasons. The main reason is it’s great family bonding time. The next […]

International Yarn Bombing Day

Today while reading thru interesting blog posts, I saw the title International Yarn Bombing Day and a picture. I have never heard of this before, and so it intrigued me. The post (found on this site: Coco and Cocoa) was just a picture and a question asking if anyone else was participating. Participating, heck I […]