Reinventing Fun With Dynacraft

Dynacraft has recently kicked off their summer campaign, Experiments in Fun, which is designed to help families rethink what’s possible with their kids favorite wheels! For example, this past weekend, Dynacraft transformed Atlanta’s Piedmont Park into a Ride-In Theater, complete with a ride-thru ticket booth, bike-up concession stand, old-fashion marquee sign, lively games and photo […]

How to Make A Braided Ribbon Bracelet

How to Make A Braided Ribbon Bracelet

Making a braided ribbon bracelet is a fun and easy craft for adults and children. You don’t need very many supplies, and you won’t spend an arm and a leg buying the supplies. You can make them for yourself or surprise your friends with your bracelet making skills! Furthermore, with the ribbon that is left, […]

Paper Plate Pizza Craft

What kid can resist pizza?! My kids would likely eat nothing but pizza if they had any say in the matter. The last time we had pizza night, I decided to invite my youngest to create a pizza of her own. This was one craft she could not resist! I will be honest, this craft […]

Easter Bunny Craft for Toddlers

Easter is near and my kids are thrilled with the prospect of the Easter Bunny dropping by with baskets of treats for them! After hearing all about the Easter Bunny and the Bunny Trail from my 3 year old I decided to craft a bunny with her to encourage her to continue to talk about […]

6 Activities for Indoor Days

6 DIY Cleaners

As the weather turns cooler I am preparing a list of projects that I can pull out to help the kids beat the boredom of a day too wet or cold for outdoor play. Homemade Silly Putty from Crystal and Co Giant Paper Pinwheels from Kids Activities Blog DIY Kool Aid Lip Gloss from Gingerly […]

Christmas Wish List Printable

Christmas Wish List Printable

If your kids are like mine they have been talking for some time now about what they want for Christmas. With three kids it’s hard to keep up with everything!! With this cute printable you can make it fun for them to write down their wish list and make it easy for you to stay […]

Homemade Green Cleaners

Take a stroll down the cleaning aisle of your local department or grocery store and you will find an abundance of products designed to make your home look its best. Unfortunately, these readily available items contain a long list of ingredients that pose a potential health risk to you and your family. Instead, create your […]