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Umbrella strollers are usually not my friend. They have the added benefit of being very portable and easy to use in a crowd. However they are short and have next to none storage spaces. They flat out are not comfortable to use. However Baby Cargo has came out with a variety of strollers that make it both easy and comfortable to use. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.


I had a chance to try out Baby Cargo’s Series 100 Lightweight “Cargo” Stroller and their Georgi bag. I can’t tell you how much I love both of these items, but lets start with the stroller! The stroller is a taller umbrella stroller so you don’t have to hunch over as you push the stroller. I have used it both at a football game and walking around the mall. It was very comfortable to push and it moved with ease. I didn’t have to fight with it to make turns or go over rocks. The next thing I love is the storage spaces! Where ever I looked I found  a pocket I could store something. It also had a storage for underneath the stroller; like in the bigger strollers!  There were two pockets inside right on the seat. My daughter liked to stick her paci in those pockets when she wasn’t using it. I guess she like the fact she knew where it was at and could find it easy. My favorite part was the pocket up by the canopy. I usually keep my cell phone and keys there. It zips up so it assures me they won’t fall out and get loss!


Now it’s time for my favorite part. Their Georgi bags. The moment I opened the bag I was in love with it. Sad hugh. I am obsessed with bags. The one thing I always look for in a bag is their pockets. I have to have my stuff organize. The Georgi bag has just enough pockets where I can keep my bag organize and clean. I love that it looks like a purse more than a diaper bag. When I carry the Georgi bag I honestly don’t feel like I am carrying a diaper bag. Another great feature are the two holes/rings on the top of the diaper bag. Those rings are used to put onto the stroller bars to hang. I love this because now the diaper bag don’t take up the storage space underneath. I can use it to keep more toys, foods, and blankets.


I strongly recommend using both the Series 100 and Georgi bag. They both are useful, stylish, and easy to use!

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Baby Cargo Georgi Diaper Bag,  53.83

Baby Cargo 100 Series Lightweight Umbrella Stroller 109.99

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