Carnival XBOX Game Night

With the colder weather we have been looking for some new fun things to do indoors at home with our kids and the XBox One Carnival Games was something we decided to try. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

This game is so much fun for a family game night, it includes 20 different games including basketball, Clowning around, cosmic bowling and more. I love that this game can accommodate up to 4 players at once making it even more fun for everyone. My kids love playing this because you can win tickets and then trade them in for new outfits for you characters. This game is sure to provide some fun entertainment for the entire family whether on family game night or just enjoying time inside on a rainy night, have fun and enjoy the carnival.

What goes better on family game night and playing carnival games than a good old funnel cake. I love funnel cakes and everytime we go to the carnival or to a fair we always end up getting a funnel cake to eat. Now with Carnival Funnel Cakes it’s super easy and fun to make your own funnel cakes at home. When you get Carnival Funnel Cakes it comes with Original Cake Mix, Apple Cinnamon Mix, Funnel Cake Pitcher, Metal Fry Ring and Cooking Tongs, that is seriously everything you need to make amazingly awesome funnel cakes right at home. The Funnel cake pitcher is the most amazing thing and it really makes making funnel cakes so much easier. You just need to add the mix to your pitcher, get your oil ready in the metal fry ring, drizzle your batter in and cook. We love serving these up when we have friends over for game night or when we are just enjoying a family game night, it’s fun to come up with your own recipes and toppings for these and just getting to enjoy them whenever you want.

If you have kids who love balloons and want to learn making Balloon Animals, then you should get them the Balloon Animal university Pro Kit. This kit is amazing and my kids loved it, it comes with 100 Balloons for you to work with and also includes how to videos and an instruction book on how to make some really fun balloon animals. These instructions are so easy to follow, and my daughter was able to make some really fun balloon animals. I love that it came with instructions that were easy to follow. This is a great gift for any kids or even adults that want to learn to make balloon animals. This would make a great gift for the upcoming holidays.

What else goes good with good old family game time like carnival fruit roll-ups. These come with 2 flavors in one roll which are cotton candy & caramel apple and berry lemonade & cherry slush. These are so fun and different and taste very good actually. I was scared at first to try them just because they sound so weird with the different flavors in one roll up but they are surprisingly tasty. The kids love snacking on these and I don’t mind keeping them in the pantry as a quick treat to have when we are just chilling and enjoying some fun time. They also enjoy them as after school snacks or as a treat in their lunch. These Fruit Roll-Ups are tasty and something to definitely try.

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