Veterinary is a common specialty that individuals have come to love as it helps them bond with animals while catering to their needs. Therefore, if you are a budding veterinarian or you have plans to embrace this discipline, there are a few things you might want to know.

Aside from figuring out the daily tasks associated with vet practice, you might want to know the average salary collected by a typical vet, the level of difficulty associated with the work, and most importantly, you might be interested to know if all vets perform surgery.

Do all vets carry out surgery on animals? If you are an animal lover and are considering embracing this discipline, you might also want to know who veterinarians are, including what they do. Below we answered these questions.

Who are veterinarians?

A vet is a doctor that treats animals and caters to their welfare. These professionals inspect, diagnose, and treat all types of animals. In addition, they offer owners valuable advice on proper care of their pets and livestock.

Like a doctor working in the med field assisting individuals with all sorts of illnesses and disabilities, vets are also trained to adopt conventional medical equipment and surgical tools. These professionals work in multiple settings, including vet clinics, veterinary hospitals, zoos, and laboratories. They may also work on the road, receive house calls, or visit farms.

Vets, like other individuals, are prone to illnesses and medical conditions that may hinder their ability to practice. For this reason, disability insurance for practicing veterinarians is made available for vets suffering from health issues.

What do vets do?

Veterinarians are linked with anything concerning the health and welfare of animals. Specifically, these professionals care for the health of pets, livestock, and animals in places like zoos, racetracks, etc.

Some veterinarians utilize their experience and expertise to safeguard humans against animal diseases and carry out clinical research on human and animal health issues.  Others liaise with research firms to conduct research, increase our knowledge of animals, including medical science, and develop new ways to implement the knowledge.

Many vets diagnose animal health issues, vaccinate against diseases, medicate animals plagued with infections or illnesses, treat and dress injuries, set fractures, carry out surgery, and advise owners regarding animal feeding, breeding, and behavior.

Vets and surgery

All vets are expected to know how to perform surgery. In fact, for several vets, surgery is a huge part of the job. But, as we are aware, the thoughts of carrying out an ACL repair on a dog make some prospective vets squeamish.

These vets, of course, might decide not to engage in surgery and consider something else instead like anesthesia, animal welfare, behavior. So, some vets might refer you to other vet clinics if your pet or animal needs surgery. These vet specialties may be limited to basic tasks like diagnosis, vaccination, counseling, etc.


Normally, veterinarians ought to know how to carry out surgeries on animals as it is one of the biggest and most important aspects of their job. However, there are some out there who lack the expertise or qualification to do this. In that case, you will be referred to a professional vet surgeon or a typical vet skilled to offer such service.

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